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Design and Drawings form  the graphic part of my practice. They convey the ideas and solutions, and if required form the basis for contract documents for the owner.

In design, I try not to impose a style on the work and stay within the context at hand and the requests of the client. Each job is unique, by virtue of its site, client, and program requirements.

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The scope of the work, the complexity of the project, and the ability of the client to visualize the work at hand will dictate the method of communication used. Many sketches that are prepared are only “thinking” documents used to arrive at a solution.

A set of working drawings for a custom remodel will cost about 10% of the cost of the work defined. However, many jobs that don’t require a permit can be defined with other contract documents.

Much of what I do is done with minimal conceptual modeling if it is new work, and a budget estimate, and much of the detail decision making is done in real time at a pace that is determined by the scope of work and the involvement of the owner in that process.  Every job has different needs.

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Here is a great link to explain the differences between drawings and their uses in building

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