A History of My Self-Employment
A History of my Employment for Others
Rose Court under construction
Bushnell Ave. in South Pasadena

Design-Build Private Practice -1982-89

Construction Management and Estate Management-1991-1996

Rex Berkshire-Architecture, Construction, and Restoration
          Architect and Contractor,South Pasadena, Ca
A Re-created version of the original
      Rex R. Berkshire -Design & Construction           Documentation & Management
Getting my feet on the ground in Washington

On-Site Architect for Construction Phase design coordination and  construction administration

Later employed by Vulcan NW as Estate Manager for commissioning and first year of operations

Schultz-Miller Inc.-General Contractor
schultz miller card

Small Project Superintendent -2003-2012

  • Past

     While working for many different types of companies and individuals over the 40 years of my post-collegiate life, my focus has been nearly always residential work and many of my clients have become lasting friends.

    Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life and am constantly amazed at the diversity of human experiences I encounter.  I have worked alongside struggling blue-collar laborers and have worked for the mega-wealthy.

     I was born and grew up in the Pasadena, California area and began my career working for some of the best architects in small offices in California until I started my own design-build practice in South Pasadena, where there is a rich pool of period housing that formed a bedrock for improving my craft.

    I have done Construction Administration for major mixed use projects.  I have worked with CAD since its infancy in the PC market and am adept at 3-d modeling and graphics as well as construction document preparation.

  • Present

    HomeSolve it the latest iteration of self-employment for Rex Berkshire, a 23 year resident of Mercer Island, WA. 

    While what I do is hard to describe with simple terms, I am a master-builder with extensive experience in project delivery, from start to finish, concept to completion, design through construction.  I have experienced buildings from many different perspectives and believe that my width and  depth of experience is my strongest asset.

    My work style has always been hands-on, and I try to maintain and improve my skills in the Craftsmen tradition of building. My strongest abilities, I believe, are problem solving, reason, and judgment. I believe in the benefit of teamwork in achieving large goals, and treasure individual contribution to modest goals.

    My subcontractors are among the most skilled and professional individuals and companies in the Northwest and have been selected for their abilities and their sharing a common goal of professional service.

  • Future

    I actually build things, and imbue them with everything I bring to the table. I strive to maintain perspective and balance in my own life, even in this stressful economic and highly-politicized climate.

    In an age of high specialization, my specialty is solving problems simply, creatively and without re-inventing the wheel. My goal is to leave the world a little better because I was here.

    Surely there is still a need for that in our complex world.  What we can achieve together will be there for our children when they take over when we leave.  They deserve a better world.

    Willliam Turnbulll and Assoc., San Francisco       Vulcan NW, Seattle

 Private Practice -1989-1991

Rex's Home Made Business Card

 Private Practice -1996-2002

Rex  Berkshire --Architecture Construction
Getting back on the street after the Estate gig
Professional Design by Studio A'Priori
WTA Card
back of schultz miller card

 Private Practice -2002-2003

And Then Some
Expanding the scope of what I can do
Yet another home made card

And it all leads to the present: Homesolve-llc

 Private Practice -2012-the present

New version of Rex's card

Homesolve llc

Building Creative Solutions for your Home