Homesolve llc

Building Creative Solutions for your Home

The solution may not require a significant  financial outlay if creativity is employed in finding that solution.

Explore this site  to find out what we have done for others, what we can do for you, and how much you have to gain by moving forward.

Combining the building skills of an experienced home-remodeling contractor, the judgment and expertise  of an architect, with over 40 years of helping homeowners solve their problems, HomeSolve can help you find creative solutions to even the most vexing issues, and perhaps the more subtle aesthetic ones.   Even the small projects require thought and care in their execution.

Homesolve provides a one stop solution to your home problems. With hands on (that means I actually do the work) experience in residential construction, renovation, repair and maintenance of homes of all sizes in the Northwest, and my mobile workshop, pictured above, I can tackle most anything, and sometimes work near-magic.

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